Integration starts with our basic structure, which is flat and built around our clients. For each new account, we put together a team that is tailored to the client’s needs and is directly responsible for the work. This structure gives employees ownership, accountability and, in turn, improves the work’s effectiveness.


There are more and more professionals being hired each week at RKS who truly love what they do. And at the end of the day that dedication to our work is what sets us apart from our competition.

Valiant Pursuit™ Contract IT Professionals

When our clients rely on augmenting their IT staff with proven people, our Valiant Pursuit™ model provides clients with tailored recruitment services. Our distinguished team of recruiters, in Dallas Texas, has a detailed understanding of the entire recruitment process. We are able to offer recruitment and career advisory services designed to support strategic and tactical staffing and recruitment objectives.

RKS TopTech™ Customized screening and testing solutions

RKS TopTech™ provides a customized testing and screening program to ensure your mission-critical projects can move forward seamlessly without sacrificing time due to inexperience and unnecessary training. Our team works with you to provide a unique set of tests to provide the right talent, and since our resources have met your hiring criteria, you receive benefits from a pool of resources that are truly top-notch.

RKS RapidResponse™ Rapid Deployment for Critical Projects

Clients that are faced with impossible deadlines rely on RKS RapidResponse™ to provide teams of resources that are trained and deployed literally overnight. We use proprietary tools and methodologies to attract and retain quality resources. With so much at stake, you don’t want to trust your mission-critical operation to just anyone. You want the right people, in the right place, at the right time... with the right tools, talent and training.

RKS Synergetic™Contract-to-Hire IT Professionals

This model allows you to convert contract employees on assignment to core positions within the company, following a defined period, or in accordance with a quoted fee schedule. By using RKS Synergetic™, you have the opportunity to assess an prospective employee's performance and suitability to the position and organization prior to making a hiring commitment. The contract employee is able to experience the role and the working relationships before assuming the full-time position. This Contract to hire service is utilized as a standard form of hiring all fulltime employees at several large clients.


Our VMS Staffing Solution is much like those found in larger companies like Beeline, PeopleClick & Voltrac - Ours is Faster and More FlexibleOur VMS Solution operates within a supplier-neutral environment, where we serve as the primary IT staffing provider, or as a hybrid of the two, with multiple tiers of suppliers. We have extensive experience successfully providing flexible IT staffing solutions, as well as developing and delivering customized VMS models to accommodate a wide range of requirements for top global companies.

RKS Valiant Workforce™

The current job market in this post-recessionary economy is a challenge for everyone. But for today's veterans, that challenge is compounded by the complex issues of transitioning from military to civilian life. To show our appreciation, Renata has created a Valiant Workforce. This program assists veteran job seekers with the right expertise, training, tools, and technologies into our workforce. RKS is actively engaging our clients in Valiant Workforce to expound our capacity to deploy qualified veterans in a variety of positions across the world.


We at RKS are training experts, helping our clients with their most complex strategic challenges and build tailored solutions to help them achieve sustained growth. Our training strategy involves internal employees and external partners in alignment, ensuring that the investment in learning ‘fits’ with organisational priorities. Whether you are a seasoned veteran seeking to stay abreast with technology, or a new employee building your technical expertise, RKS’s technical training provides participants with a common understanding of the regulations, advances in science and technology, and how to apply them successfully and consistently. Check out the many training courses in this catalog offered by the technical training programs. Check out what our Valiant Workforce program is all about...

Global Wireless Carrier Company

  • Migration team required 100+ resources to ramp up in one month
  • Field Services required a team of 100 engineers to be trained on latest software upgrades. 
  • Required teams of software testers for supply chain solution
  • R&D team needed 200 software developers working on an onshore/offshore delivery solution


Raising the bar of acceptable standards. Our overall business philosophy is consultative in nature. Experience, integrity, our referral network, consultative approach as well as our vision for the future allow RKS to offer your organization comprehensive IT staffing solutions. As you assess your crucial business strategy, understanding your unique challenges and finding the right staffing partner is crucial.

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Happy Clients

Our successes, rooted in our continuous determination for excellence, are in no small way a direct result of the overwhelming support we have received from our valued clients. For the constant unwavering support of both our long-time clients, and those who only recently joined our client base, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Without you we would not be where we are today.

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